Inspiring teaching and learning in a bilingual environment

Participación en el curso del Ministerio de Educación Inspiring teaching and learning in a bilingual environment del profesor, Marc Batlle Aixalà  que se realizo en la Universidad Menendez Pelayo durante la primera semana de julio.

Empezamos el curso  Inspiring teaching and learning in bilingual environment

Observ-ation, investig-ation, inform-ation, educ-ation and motiv-ation are the 5 solu-tions to challenges, according to

‘If you are not enthusiastic your students have no chance’


Open the doors to CLIL!!! Collaboration

Inspiring teaching& learning Coordinating CLIL programmes effectively

, experto Encourage student with their own tools.


Jugamos?! in Let’s play!

Learning by playing with

Key insights into the role of the English language assistant with

No child left behind, talks about and diversity


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